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What We Do



MUC is committed to practicing safe diving on every dive. Certainly on all MUC sponsored events but also by educating our members on safe diving tips and practices in our newsletters.  In addition, we will be offering mini safe diving seminars at some of our dive events.



We are only as strong as our membership and it is critical that we not only attain new members but also retain current members.  We will do that by continually showing the value that MUC membership provides through our sponsored dive events, mini seminars, newsletters and continuous improvements.



Being in the prairies as we are, our dive community, is a somewhat smaller than others with closer proximity to water.  That makes it even more important that  we take advantage of our limited dive season by holding dive events.  Our  Monthly BBQs throughout the summer, as well as our annual Porker Derby and  Social promote safety, fun, friendship and great opportunities to share the diving experience. We also sponsor club events open to MUC club members.


MUC also facilitates environmental stewardship both with international issues such as PADI’s Project Aware and local issues such as exotic species invasion with Water Stewardship.  

Events List

25 Jun 2016 12:00 (CDT) • Cat's Ass: West Hawk Campground
09 Jul 2016 (CDT) • Miller's Beach: West Hawk Campground
06 Aug 2016 (CDT) • Child's Lake Campground
14 Aug 2016 (CDT) • Tobermory, Ontario
10 Sep 2016 (CDT) • West Hawk Lake Campground

Manitoba Underwater Council

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